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Meet Our Vendors

Meet Our Vendors

Welcome to our Meet Our Vendors page, where we proudly introduce the talented individuals that bring their exceptional products and services to our store. Discover a vibrant community of passionate artisans, innovative entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals who embody our commitment to quality and diversity. Explore their stories, browse their offerings, and support their remarkable work as you connect with the creative minds behind the unique experiences that make our marketplace thrive.


Humble Roots Vendors - Lori


Lori has been a boutique vendor for since 2018 starting with us while it was A Home Enhanced.
Here's some fun facts.... & be sure to say "Hi" when you see her in the boutique:

  • Fall is my favorite season; warm days, cool nights, the colors, cozy clothes, hats, soup, baking to warm the house, hot chocolate (made only with milk no water) & the wood stove.
  • Humid Summer days are my least favorite; makes my natural curly hair frizzy.
  • Scott, my sweetheart, and I are 1 time Axe Throwing Champions.
  • Local honey or Maple syrup for my coffee.
  • Time spent outdoors fills my soul: fishing any season, leisure boating tour around the lake, kayaking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, repurposing treasure for Humble Roots, walks in the rain or snow and just sitting.
  • I enjoy Mexican food even though I am allergic to jalapeños.
  • My son is a photographer and my daughter an artist who paints & draws. Each of them have sold their work in the twin cities area.
  • The scent Japanese Cherry Blossom (Jergens lotion back in the old days) lotion reminds me of sitting beside my Grandpa during church. He always smelled good, even when he came in from the barn.
  • What I enjoy most about Humble Roots: the name & philosophy. Small business, our eclectic group of staff/vendors, meeting new customers, the support and loyalty of the Centerville & surrounding community.
  • Torvi, my rescued from Tennessee, cat loves to ride along with us on ride trips. She sits on the center console to look out the front window.
  • Some of my favorite days are spent commuting across the MN/WI country side from a job I love to our 660 sq ft house on the lake that I share with my sweetheart Scott & our cat and dog.

Some of Lori's items in the store include refurbished decor & furniture, Laser Engraved city maps, Pajamas, Naked Bee & more! 


Humble Roots Vendors - Nicole


Nicole brings her fashion from DaniMae Boutique. She's been a vendor since the opening of Humble Roots in 2023. 

Facts about Nicole:

  • Shopping/fashion has been in my blood since I was 2. I used to pick out my outfits when I was a wee tot.
  • One of my favorite sayings is: Here is to high heels, heads held high, & high goals.
  • I have a husband of almost 6 years.
  • My mom & my friends are my life & a big reason that I started my small business.
  • I love to empower other women, it is a big deal for me to make each & everyone of us recognize how beautiful & important we are.
  • I love to help/buy from small local businesses (we need to stick together).

Fun Facts about DaniMae:

  • DaniMae the name in itself carries a whole lot of meaning. The first portion of the name "Dani" is based off of my middle name Danielle. The second part "Mae" is my grandmother's middle name. Mush them together and they make an ideal pair (like just the right jeans with that comfy T).
  • The style of DaniMae is fashion forward with a little bit of flair.
  • DaniMae sells women’s clothing & accessories. All things from tops to bottoms, and earrings to purses.
  • Having DaniMae has helped me in my closet spending, I love placing my focus on others' clothing & having the best pieces to sell.
  • Have been up & running for a year now (May was my 1 year!)! To see repeat customers is so exciting to see.
  • Do a lot of pop up shows/vendor markets.
  • Do love to do at home parties, but with being at the shop, we will also be able to do parties in the back room.

Nicole brings in many of our fashion area including jeans, tops, purses & jewelry.