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Meet the Owners of Humble Roots

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Meet the Owners of Humble Roots
Hello,  thank you so much for following us as we embark on this journey of becoming the owners of Humble Roots Boutique!  It has been a true joy and blessing.  We cannot wait to serve this community and countless others across the United States online. We, Tiffany & Evonne, are the proud owners of our little community boutique in Centerville, MN called Humble Roots.

Why Humble Roots?

We were both part of a boutique in the space we occupy called A Home Enhanced. Those in the area might remember. We grew to love the community, the store, the family formed of vendors and all the things we learned by being part of it all. When Laurel decided it was time to retire from retail store ownership, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to become owners of Humble Roots. Thus, keeping the store going that the community has grown to love & cherish yet making it our own with a new name, brand and style (though it will remain very similar & familiar to what you knew of AHE). All the pieces really just fell into place. It was meant to be and truly a dream of both of ours! We chose the name Humble Roots because of where we came from... A Humble Beginning Rooted in the Community... and we easily had our tagline!
Humble Roots Storefront
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Owners of Humble Roots Boutique
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Meet the Owners of Humble Roots Boutique

We would like to introduce ourselves a bit so you know the faces behind Humble Roots, so you can get to know us and our background leading up to this new journey. 


Hello! My name is Tiffany and I'm excited to share a bit about myself. I am a proud mother of two amazing daughters, Liliana and Isabella, who are 9 and 7 years old respectively. We also have a furry family member, Hershel, who is a rescue dog and brings us so much joy. We live in Ham Lake, a beautiful area in Minnesota, and my girls attend Centerville Elementary.
Growing up, I spent most of my childhood in Hugo and attended White Bear Lake High School. After completing my high school education, I pursued my Associates degree in Advertising & Design and then went on to earn my Bachelors degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing.
Currently, I work as a Marketing & Office Manager for a local tool and safety supply company, and I also have a small business on the side called The Gathering Pine. This is a crafting business that I started as a hobby and it has grown into something I truly enjoy.
Home décor is one of my biggest passions, from designing rooms to shopping around finding the perfect items to complete a space. It's only fitting that I turn that passion in to business ownership, this road towards owning a home décor boutique has been a dream come true for me, and I love being able to share my passion with others.
In my free time, I love to spend time outdoors. During the warmer months I love to go camping, light hiking, lake fun, and sitting by a bonfire. During the Winter months I love to downhill ski and snowmobile. If I'm not out exploring our great state, you'll likely find me in my garden or my craft room creating new pieces for my boutique. I've loved crafting my entire life, as a kid if I wasn't outside playing with friends you'd find me at my craft table putting glitter & glue on anything I could get my hands on. And, not much has changed today!
I LOVE to travel! from summer months in northern MN and northern WI (my dream is to have a cabin of my own one day) to escaping the cold weather for a warm sandy beach in the Winter. I've been fortunate enough to travel to Germany, France, Mexico, and several US states, but I would love to travel more in the future. 
I have a wonderful partner named Rob, who has been incredibly supportive of my new venture with Humble Roots. He also has two children who are 15 and 13, and we all get along really well. It's not the norm, but my ex-husband, his fiancé, Rob, and myself all work together to create a collaborative effort for my girls. We often have dinner and do things together as a group, and they have even helped out with the boutique when needed, they will even be helping us at the parade in July!
I have a weakness for Taco Tuesdays, family spaghetti night, lots of coffee and I absolutely love ice cream. My daughters learned my phone number from hearing me say it for my rewards at Caribou Coffee a few too many times.
Lastly, even though I'm an introvert, I love meeting and chatting with shoppers in the boutique. I love to visit new places and try new things, and I believe that life is all about making connections and enjoying the journey.
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Owners of Humble Roots - Tiffany
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My name is Evonne and I’ve been living in the Centerville/Hugo area with my husband (Bob), son (Dylan-12) and daughter (Delaney-9) for 15 years.   
I lose myself in home décor, crafts and Hobby Lobby! If I sit down to watch an episode of HGTV, you’ll find me at the paint store hours later with a new coat of paint somewhere in our house. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that! When I was little, my favorite thing to do was color, craft, and rearrange/redecorate my bedroom.  Every Christmas, my presents would include a new comforter, new curtains, picture frames, lamps, etc.  My parents were very supportive of my hobby and let me paint teal, pink and purple zig zags on my wall with yellow, orange and blue polka dots as an accent wall. My parents still live in the same house I was raised in, so it’s neat being able to see how it’s transformed over the years! If you ever want to talk “home décor" or want to brainstorm ideas for your house, just come find me! 
Being a former Kindergarten and Preschool Teacher, I really enjoy helping people see their potential. Additionally, being an extrovert, I get energized being with people.  During COVID I would get very excited for the pizza delivery guy/gal to arrive just so I had someone new to talk to! This is where my “Wreath Parties” were born. Be sure to stop in to make your own wreath (materials and fun provided) with us in our Creative Studio!
Fun facts about me:  
A current highlight of mine is that our son is going through his first year of middle school without needing his ADHD medicine!! He’s persevered and worked so hard over the years with our village of Occupational Therapists, family, friends and teachers to get to this point. I’m SO proud of all he’s conquered (socially, emotionally and academically) and grateful for the help he’s been given over the years!   
Our daughter, Delaney is very active in gymnastics and we all love every minute.  We are so proud of her, she is struggling through a “Mental Block” with her Round Off  Back Handsprings, but is making progress EVERYDAY with the help of her Sports Psychologist, Coaches and teammates. We love watching her grow and getting tools to put in her tool box to not only help her in gymnastics, but throughout life
I like adventure, but not with food.  A good example was when Dylan & I went to Red Lobster. I ordered chicken tenders and Dylan ordered crab legs; the waiter thought the chicken tenders were for Dylan! We all had a great laugh.  He's way more adventurous with food than I am!
Although I enjoy meeting new people, going to new places and trying new things, I value my family friendships, faith and traditions-especially camping at Jellystone every summer!  
Owners of Humble Roots - Evonne
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Thank you for taking the time to read about our new boutique opening.

We are thrilled to bring our passion for home décor and crafting to life and share it with you all at Humble Roots. It's been a journey to get here, but we are excited for what's to come. We can't wait to see you in the store, help you find the perfect pieces for your home, and create a welcoming and inspiring shopping experience for all. Stay tuned for updates and exciting new arrivals. Thank you again, and here's to many years of shopping and decorating together!
Follow us on social for more fun! :)
TikTok @ humblerootsboutique
Sincerely, Tiffany & Evonne
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